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Get inspired by 200+ customer examples and take your search and discovery experience to the next level.

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Algolia logo blueprint

Looking for our logo?

We got you covered!

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Mobile Search by Algolia

Engage your users, accelerate conversion, on any device

Nearly 60% of all searches happen on mobile. Algolia enables you to create rewarding mobile Search & Discovery experiences that users love.

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Medium mockup

World’s leading brands chose Algolia

Typo-tolerance illustration

Designed for mobile challenges

Algolia provides the tools to build and customize a personalized experience that embraces your brand.

  • Unique UX solutions: optimize for limited screen real estate
  • Typo tolerance: reduce users’ frustration by solving misspellings
  • Search as you type & Query Suggestions: show results or suggest the perfect query from the first keystroke
Geo Search illustration

Create location-based experiences

Engage your users on the go with content that make sense for them wherever they are.

Supercharge your omnichannel retail strategy, connect your users with local social content, or let them search for the best restaurants around them. The possibilities are endless.

Analytics illustration

Understand your mobile users with powerful Analytics

With Algolia Analytics, understand what your users are searching for, what results they select and how their searches turn into actions.

Use those insights to fine-tune your relevance, improve your app layout or decide what content to invest in.

iOS and Android illustration

Integrate Algolia into any app, in a breeze

We offer front end components for iOS, Android and mobile web. Each flavor respects the specific concepts, coding patterns and UX/UI best practices of its framework, so developers can quickly build state-of-the-art, mobile Search & Discovery experiences.

Cover for the Mobile Ecommerce Experience Pitfalls, Tradeoffs and Solutions ebook

Lessons learned in building a great mobile ecommerce experience

Pitfalls to avoid, design alternatives and trade-offs to consider

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