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Voice Search by Algolia

Voice Search for apps, mobile sites,and assistants

Combine contextual understanding, natural language processing and understanding, and voice AI tools to surface relevant results based on intent.

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Getting started with voice search

  • 1. Index your data

    Load your data into Algolia. We host your data to make it available worldwide and with an unparalleled speed.

  • 2. Tell us what's important

    What is the textual content that’s the most important? What metrics determine popular content? You control your ranking formula.

  • 3. Add voice input to your apps and websites

    Use Algolia’s client libraries to take advantage of the native speech to text capabilities, or integrate your own through a third party.

  • 4. Improve over time through AI learning

    Use personalization, dynamic reranking, and NLU to apply AI to your voice searches so that results get better over time.

Available on multiple platforms

Available on multiple platforms illustration
  • Voice search for smart assistants

    If your company has an Alexa skill or a Google Assistant action, voice search can make those better. Stop forcing users down an endless list of decisions until they get what they want. Instead, use Algolia’s voice search capabilities to let them speak their request directly and get their result immediately.

  • Mobile voice search tools

    The most common voice search use is not smart speakers, but on mobile devices. Over half of users are using voice on mobile every day-and they’re searching for something. 20% of all searches on mobile are done through voice. Algolia offers voice search for mobile applications and for mobile websites.

Voice search technologies

Give your employees all the knowledge they need directly in their hands, or help customers find what they need in your location.

Natural language understandingSpeech to text librariesTextual relevanceInternational language supportPersonalization
Natural language understanding

Natural language understanding

Algolia’s natural language understanding capabilities ensure that even the most complex of queries lead to success. Algolia Answers uses semantic understanding to return the right answer for user questions, even deep within text. Tests have shown an improvement in 90% of natural language queries when using Algolia Answers. Algolia’s rules engine, meanwhile, scans for important information to narrow down your users’ search, ultimately leading to the right result.

Speech to text libraries

Speech to text libraries

Algolia offers free, open source libraries to add voice search to your mobile apps and mobile websites. We have libraries for voice on iOS, Android, or voice in mobile browsers.

Textual relevance

Textual relevance

The best speech to text or natural language understanding falls down if the search engine doesn’t understand the textual relevance. Algolia’s search engine technology combines textual relevance and your business metrics with our natural language processing and understanding to offer voice search that’s unparalleled.

International language support

International language support

Algolia’s natural language processing works across dozens of languages and our infrastructure is distributed, so we support your users wherever they are.



When we speak, we expect to be heard and understood as individuals. That’s why we offer personalized search, powered by AI. Learn your users’ preferences and tailor their voice search results to their interests and behaviors.

Voice ecosystem

Algolia has an entire suite of ML-powered search products that makes searching through voice better.

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Nic Chikhani,Vice President of Product, WW

Weight Watcher

“Algolia helps us to unlock the potential for how voice search can enrich our members’ lives. Its technology allows us to process users’ complex queries, providing the right results the first time.”

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