Algolia Helps GoFundMe Increase Engagement by 15%

World’s largest fundraising platform, GoFundMe, expands investment in search to further help connect donors with causes they believe in

May 3, 2022 at 12:00 AM Coordinated Universal Time

SAN FRANCISCO, May 3, 2022 -- Algolia, the leading API Platform for Search & Discovery, today announced that GoFundMe, which has raised more than $15 billion from more than 200 million donations since its founding in 2010, has expanded its investment in search and discovery. GoFundMe, a long-time Algolia customer, has added InstantSearch and Query Suggestions to its website along with Algolia’s unique A/B testing capabilities. With these new features in place, GoFundMe further increased conversion rates by 15% and boosted click-through rates from primary searches, all of which resulted in greater donations. 

“Often donors visiting our website are searching for fundraisers or causes with minimal information, sometimes only a name, location, or small detail about the cause. Algolia’s Search and Discovery platform has been critical in helping prospective donors connect to the causes they are searching for as well as discover new ones that appeal to them,” said Bryan Sim, senior product manager at GoFundMe. “The success we’ve previously gained by using Algolia to build an exceptional user experience has made it an easy decision to further expand our investment.”

Algolia’s flexible APIs, and the addition of InstantSearch and Query Suggestions, enabled GoFundMe to create ‘discovery' pages where users can browse fundraisers by specific categories. Algolia also worked closely with GoFundMe to launch a front-page carousel that features new campaigns when users first enter the site. 

“GoFundMe’s investment in Algolia underscores its commitment in providing the best user experience by helping donors find and discover the causes they wish to support more easily and quickly,” said Bernadette Nixon, CEO of Algolia. “With our API-first approach, intuitive dashboard, and advanced developer tools, we make it easy to implement Algolia into any tech stack and build delightful user experiences.”

New A/B testing helps GoFundMe to further optimize the user experience and increase donations. While Algolia has helped campaigns become more discoverable, it has also reduced the technical overhead burdens of GoFundMe’s engineering team by eliminating the need for countless hours of maintenance that would be required by alternate platforms. 

“By building more visibility around worthy causes using category pages, carousels and more, GoFundMe significantly helps potential donors discover more causes and, ultimately, increase donations to the people who most need them,” added Nixon.

GoFundMe plans to work with Algolia to integrate learnings about user intent and leverage the platform’s ranking feature to even further improve the user experience while browsing campaigns. 

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