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Increased Revenue for Merchants, Algolia is now a Shopify Plus Certified Partner

Apr 14th 2022 algolia

Increased Revenue for Merchants, Algolia is now a Shopify Plus Certified Partner

More than 1,500 Shopify merchants have seen increased search usage, with improved conversion and revenue, and have been able to create compelling search and discovery experiences using Algolia’s powerful API-based offering.

We are now joining Shopify’s Plus Certified App Program to make this easier for more merchants to get started. As part of this program, Algolia will bring even more capabilities and services that guide merchants from conception to implementation of their online store.

To any Shopify Plus merchant looking to drive explosive customer growth via blazing fast search and cutting-edge content discovery, Algolia is your solution! Our primary focus is on putting your content in motion, meaning we help you connect the right content to the right visitor, at any scale. We want to reduce the time and number of tries it takes for your customers to discover what they’re looking for. This speed results in delightful experiences, more conversions, and increased revenue for your business.

Shopify Plus merchants have seen business-altering success by implementing experiences fired up by Algolia – Gymshark, a growing fashion brand in the UK, increased revenue by 400%, conversion rate by 61%, and saw an uplift in revenue per session of 24%. Staples Canada and Polish-based toy merchant Noski Noski also experienced phenomenal outcomes while deriving more insights to optimize their search and discovery strategy.

As a Shopify Plus Certified Partner, we are committed to making the best resources available now with the following additional elements:

  • 24/7 support
  • Personalized onboarding experience (Kickstart package)
  • Exclusive early access to beta features and Black Friday scaling

With Algolia, Shopify Plus merchants gain the advantages of:

  1. Getting to market faster with easy-to-use APIs: merchants can leverage well-documented and flexible APIs to transition to Algolia swiftly.
  2. Deploying and scaling quickly and efficiently: with a presence in 70+ data centers across 17 regions, Algolia Search for Shopify Plus is ultrafast and reliable. Merchants can relax knowing Algolia can handle peak traffic of more than 12 billion searches during sales events like last year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday, with no customer downtime; in fact, we help our merchants withstand the load that their core platforms can’t handle during these peaks.
  3. Building with a committed partner: on par with Shopify Plus’s world-class collaboration, Plus merchants will get access to dedicated programs to successfully onboard with Algolia. 

If you are looking to drive meaningful discovery journeys while enriching each end user’s experience, learn more at

About the author
Piyush Patel

Chief Strategic Business Development Officer


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