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Get accessible and powerful Shopify search for your store

As a trusted Shopify search partner, we are pleased to announce new pricing that is aligned with the Shopify pricing model and provides access to many of our advanced features at lower price points.

Algolia provides search and discovery experiences that can be quickly deployed with Algolia’s updated Shopify plug-in. This partnership first started back in 2016 and since then we’ve continuously improved our plug-in to address Shopify customer needs and to support new Shopify functionality.

Recent research from Digital Commerce 360 shows that investments in search have a very high ROI, doubling conversion rates on many e-commerce websites.

While Shopify’s built-in search is a great place to start, Algolia offers many advanced features that can improve search and discovery experiences, making it easier for customers to quickly find the right products. Algolia enhances Shopify shopping experiences with real-time indexing, great search speed, as well as a range of search and discovery features, including the ability to tune textual and business relevance to your unique needs. We also provide tools for configuring merchandising strategies, which work on Shopify collections.

Below is a great example of an autocomplete menu that dynamically updates in real time as the user types:

merchandising shopify search

Our new pricing, introduced on July 1st, aims at making search and discovery more accessible for any store. You can easily get started with premium features even if you’re a small retailer, and benefit from volume discounts as your business grows. This new pricing model makes Algolia’s Shopify search extremely cost effective for Shopify customers.

You can find Algolia on the Shopify App Store, as well as get more details on the Algolia Shopify integration and download the plug-in on our website

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Algolia search for Shopify

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Algolia search for Shopify

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