Algolia DevCon 2022 Highlights

There’s still time to register for Algolia’s 2022 Developer Conference! You can join us online or in-person in Paris or San Mateo on September 14th and 15th for a two-day deep dive on search and discovery. The theme of the event is “Helping developers index the world and put content in motion.”

To help you plan your conference, we’ve asked Algolia Developer Advocates Chuck Meyer and Michael King to walk us through the sessions and workshops that they are most excited to see at DevCon this year.

Top Picks

1. The Keynote (Sept 14th, 8am PST)

Algolia DevCon Keynote speaker Bernadette Nixon

We’re sure this top pick comes as no surprise. During this year’s keynote, CEO Bernadette Nixon and the product team will walk us through Algolia’s vision for developer experience and show off new features with an evolving demo.

2. Demo Labs (Sept 14th, 8am – 12pm PST)

What would a developer conference be without live coding sessions? Algolia engineers will host a series of live demos throughout the day on Wednesday and answer questions over chat. Chuck is particularly excited about the Recommend demo, which continues with concepts from the keynote.

3. Scaling Culture in a Remote World (Sept 14th, 9:50am PST)

Algolia DevCon scaling culture Ricky Robinett

Building and navigating culture can be tricky, and it’s only gotten increasingly complicated as more developers have shifted to a remote-first environment. In this talk, Twilio VP of Culture Evangelism Ricky Robinett shares a few stories that have taught him how culture can go the right way, or go the wrong way. At the end of this talk, you’ll walk away with three different areas of culture that you can focus on in your own journey as a developer.

4. Manual work goes bye-bye with the new Algolia CLI (Sept 14th, 11:50am PST)

Introducing the official Algolia CLI – a powerful, lightweight devtool for managing your Algolia apps, right from the command line. Michael likes how the CLI helps you operationalize your index – modify configurations, create settings snapshots, and more! Join this session to see what the Algolia CLI can do.

5. Search and Discovery Workshops (Sept 15th, 8am – 12pm PST)

The only thing better than watching other people code is getting to code for yourself! On Thursday we’ll be hosting a series of workshops to help you level-up best practices using Algolia. Whether you’re using Next,js, vanilla JavaScript, or building mobile apps in Flutter, we’ve got a workshop for you!

6. Delivering Developer Experience Excellence (Sept 14th, 11:30am PST)

Algolia DevCon developer experience Sarah Dayan


What is Developer Experience (DX)? Let’s dive into insights delivered by Algolia Staff Engineer Sarah Dayan who has been hosting the DX podcast since June 2021. Learn from industry leaders like Netlify, Vercel, CodeSandbox, and Tailwind Labs about how they define great DX, and how to leverage it to set yourself apart.

7. What are developers really searching for? (Sept 14th, 10:30am PST)

 Ever wondered what other developers type while searching for open-source libraries? In this fun and interactive talk, founder Lior Grossman goes over five tidbits that the Openbase team learned from search analytics while scaling to millions of users alongside Algolia.

8. Seven Dysfunctions of Personalization Engines (Sept 14th, 8:50am PST)

Personalization – the holy grail of customer experience. Everyone talks about it, but very few really know how to do it right. And there’s a good reason for that: personalization is not a tick box exercise. It’s a complex undertaking due to the uniqueness of every user, the need to respect their privacy, all while providing a personalized experience at the same time. This is a learning session that explores seven of the most common dysfunctions of personalization engines and strategies to overcome them.

Other Awesome Sessions

It’s so hard to narrow down the list, so here are all the other fantastic sessions you’ll find through the course of the day:

Toward Increased Understanding: Semantic Search of the Future (Sept 14th, 10:10am PST)

Semantic search is the future, but is it the present? In this talk learn about what goes into semantic search, cut through the hype to see what it can really do, and learn how it contributes to better search that understands users.

Expedite your implementation with Connectors & Flow (Sept 14, 11:10am PST)

Want to jumpstart your Algolia implementation? Want someone else to handle your data updates and synchronization? In this talk we’ll go over our two upcoming data features, Connectors & Flows, that will help you extract and transform your data and automatically load it into Algolia.

InstantSearch, from its launch 7 years ago until today (Sept 14th, 9:10am PST)

A great search engine is nothing without a great user interface where users can easily interact, find, and explore. During this presentation, we’ll go through the 7-year journey of Algolia InstantSearch. We will explore how far we have come and what the future holds for the front-end developers building world-class Search & Discovery experiences.

You can view the full agenda on the DevCon 2022 website, and of course register so that we can see you there!

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Chuck Meyer

Sr. Developer Advocate
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Michael King

Developer Advocate

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