Algolia CLI
Algolia CLI

Work within your terminal

Snapshot and revert indices, synonyms, and rules

Migrate records and configurations across applications

Integrate Algolia workflows into CI/CD pipelines


  • Configure multiple applications easily profile-based authentication
  • Interact directly with Algolia’s API with intuitive commands
  • Iterate rapidly with integrated command autocompletion
  • Issue queries and review search results
  • Pipe together commands to build you workflow
  • Explore some of our suggested command recipes  


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Get Started

Install (Homebrew)

1brew install algolia/algolia-cli/algolia

Connect to your Algolia application

1algolia profile add \
2        --name <profile-name> \
3        --application-id <application-id> \
4        --admin-api-key <admin-api-key>


1algolia search <index-name> --query <search-query>
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Sample Applications

Autocomplete with InstantSearch

Create a typeahead experience using Autocomplete and InstantSearch library

  • javascript