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Federated autocomplete

Enable users to explore your catalog by searching for popular searches, brands or categories - or access directly to your content, blog posts and FAQs - at their fingertips.

Standard autocomplete

On Desktop or Mobile, searching on you web app has never been so fast and convenient thanks to query suggestions.

DocSearch - For Developer Docs

DocSearch is an experience custom-built for developer documentation and is currently used on 4,000+ dev docs (React, Bootstrap, Vue, Twilio, Docusaurus & more).

Explore other cool experiences built with Autocomplete JS

Can’t find an experience that you wish existed? or have suggestions to make these better? Reach out to us on Twitter.

Website autocomplete

Great for serving a variety of content like product pages, blogs, documentation, and resources.

Rich text box with @mentions and #hashtags

End users can now easily mention a person, a document, or just organize the current one via #hashtags.


Empower users to label the content they create with tags to better organize it - and improve the quality of your data - so they can easily find it when they need it.

Coming soon

Command Palettes Navigation

Increase your users’ productivity by allowing them to access all the resources in their app with a couple keystrokes.