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See what apps you can build with Algolia beyond a search box. Unlock the full potential of APIs and combine Algolia with other APIs to explore new innovative use cases. You can use one of the sample apps to bootstrap your own implementation. All code is open source and available on GitHub.

Image search with optical character recognition and Algolia

This sample app lets you scan a shipping label with your phone, search for the recipient with Algolia, and send a Slack notification. The app uses the Google Cloud Vision API to extract text from the scanned image. To improve the search results, the app uses Algolia’s removeWordsIfNoResults API parameter. This lets you reduce the effect of extra text in the extracted text without having to extract the recipient’s name explicitly. The app finds the receiver’s Slack ID and sends a Slack message, that a package has arrived for them.

Chatbot with Algolia Answers

This sample app implements a chatbot that answers your questions. It uses Google Cloud Dialogflow Messenger to implement the chatbot and leverages the natural language processing features of Algolia Answers to return the best-matching answer from within your content.

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