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The World’s leading SaaS companies trust Algolia’s Search APIs

  • Flexport

    “Algolia has become so mission critical for navigating our application that users instantly notice whenever we ship a new enhancement to our Algolia implementation.”

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    “Algolia’s federated search helps us facilitate seamless customer experiences by empowering our employees to easily and quickly find the relevant information and resources they need to do their job every day.”

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Developers first

Save your team time and dev cycles with our extensive documentation. Algolia provides 16 API clients, 9 client libraries, and 5 supported plugins to make it easy to build a consistent search and discovery experience across multiple platforms and devices.

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With Algolia, you don’t have to worry about search going down. An available 99.999% SLA ensures that you can rely on our APIs, so your team can focus on building great products for your users, rather than on maintaining core services.

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Whether you’re building an MVP or adding search for millions of users, Algolia provides you with the search stack that scales to your use case. With 70+ data centers across 17 regions, Algolia gives your users a lightning-fast search experience anywhere in the world. 

Integrating Algolia to any app is a breeze

Use our APIs to customize and integrate great Search & Discovery in your app or website.

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