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AI-powered, personalized, immersive

Adobe retailers use rich content — beautiful landing pages, dynamic banners, and contextualized promotions — to create immersive digital experiences that wow shoppers. However, the real magic happens when Algolia Neural Search uses AI to determine a shopper's true intent, then fuels the buying experience with personalization and recommendations tailored expressly for the individual.

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Deliver the results they want from the start

Thanks to Algolia Neural Search, the world’s only end-to-end AI Search and Discovery platform, the days of irrelevant and null search results are gone. It doesn’t matter if searchers use images, their voice, or a complex text string. You get more-engaged customers, lower site abandonment rates, and better business results.


Blazing fast and accurate

For online shopping, fast search is essential: studies show that even a 100-millisecond lag can have a massive impact on the user experience and conversion. To keep customers coming back, Algolia AI search delivers instantaneous results with real-time inventory updates to support buy online, pick up in store (BOPIS), delivery, and curbside pickup. 

The only search provider with seamless Adobe Commerce, AEM, and Launch integrations

Drive content engagement

Empower AEM authors to build and manage AI-powered search and browse experiences with drag-and-drop components.

Leverage data and insights

Use AEP to contextualize the search experience and Adobe Analytics to inform content ranking.

Lift your conversion on Adobe Commerce or AEM

Through advanced merchandising and relevance controls, as proven with 1,400+ retailers.

Build immersive shopping experiences with Adobe + Algolia

Trusted by more than 17,000 customers

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