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Leverage the power of true AI search

The industry’s most intelligent search platform built with self-learning AI running on trillions of searches

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AI sphere

A suite of AI solutions to enable leading user experiences

Smarter experience, at scale

Smarter experience, at scale

Algolia AI learns from your users to continuously improve the experience.

Algolia AI learns from your users to continuously improve the experience.

Drive more revenue

Drive more revenue

More relevant, personalized experiences means more user engagement and revenue.

Keep control

Keep control

Algolia AI is tightly integrated into a comprehensive Search & Discovery management platform, so you can always make the final decision.

Smarter experience, at scaleDrive more revenueKeep control

Understand your users

Leverage Algolia AI algorithms to understand what people are looking for.

NLPAnswersDynamic Synonym Suggestions

Algolia Answers

Powered by top semantic understanding, find the exact answer to user questions, no matter how deep in your content.

Dynamic Synonym Suggestions

Dynamic Synonym Suggestions

Learns from how your users rewrite their queries to suggest synonyms, so next time they don’t have to rewrite.

Serve users the most relevant content

Combine knowledge of your business with the insights of AI to create experiences that continually learn, and intelligently optimize.

Custom RankingDynamic Re-rankingPersonalizationVisual Editor
Custom Ranking

Algolia Ranking Formula

Use your business data - product margin, content popularity, vendor score - to rank results.



Customizable, AI-powered engines tailors ranking results to each user.

Visual Editor

Visual Editor

A powerful curation suite to execute merchandising and editorial strategies, to combine AI with human expertise.

  • AI at your developers’ fingertips

    Apply advanced AI algorithms to your search without hiring a data science team.

  • Better results with less effort

    Optimize with less effort. Algolia AI puts your users’ signals to work to optimize the experience and your bottom line.

  • Keep your team in control

    Algolia AI works seamlessly with other features including Custom Ranking and Rules so you can define the strategy behind your user experience, and Algolia AI optimizes from there.

  • Bring your own AI!

    With Algolia’s transparent relevance logic, you can combine your existing AI models with Algolia’s personalization, NLP, NLU, Merchandising and more.

Algolia AI FAQs

  • No, it augments it. We believe AI search should be AI enhanced search. For each query and each user, Algolia AI will optimize the query processing and the result list on top of your configuration, based on your business choices, including textual and business relevance parameters.
  • Yes, certain of our AI search capabilities leverage Machine Learning, including Natural Language Processing, Algolia Understand and Algolia Answers.
  • Yes. Dynamic Re-ranking and Personalization come with built-in simulators, so you can directly evaluate how those features impact your experience. Furthermore, you can leverage our A/B Testing feature to assess the performance impact of each of our AI search capabilities.
  • No, all your data is strictly confined to your Algolia application and cannot be used by other Algolia customers. Your data will feed the AI algorithms instances of your application only.
  • You can benefit from all our AI search features except Algolia Understand and Algolia Answers on our Premium plan, starting from $1.5/month.

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