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Our revolutionary machine-learning model links your products by odor.

A woman smells a lemon and is offered lemon-scented products
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The sweet smell of success!

An older man and a woman in a kitchen making cookies with their granddaughter

Scent memory

Have you ever visited a new place for the first time and been flooded with memories? Maybe it's of visiting your grandparents' kitchen or sitting on the couch watching cartoons after school. Scent memories are some of our strongest as humans. That’s why Algolia is proud to announce our latest machine learning model for Recommend — Smelling Similar.

A stack of chocolate chip cookies

Smell signatures

We use scent-mapping algorithms designed by the perfume industry and a custom-trained machine-learning model to identify odor vectors between smells. Categorizing top notes, heart notes, and base notes allows the model to associate the interior smell of a new sports car with a baseball mitt or freshly baked cookies with a holiday party. You provide a list of existing smells, and Smelling Similar learns to identify their relationships to offer recommendations.

Headshot of Barbera Coretta, if she exists?

Dollars and scents

“We help our buyers think of every detail when finding a house,” says Barbera Coretta, CEO of Your4EvahHome. “Incorporating Smelling Similar into our listings page allows home buyers to ensure the place where they build their new memories smells like places where they’ve had good memories before.”

A dead fish on a white background

Avoid bad smells

Smelling Similar provides site owners with significant control over recommendations, empowering them to establish thresholds for the "similarity" of smell matches and to filter out “bad” smells across your catalog.

Something smells fishy...

We wish we could say Smelling Similar is available now, but (as you may have guessed) this is just an April Fools joke! While the technology to match smells isn’t quite there yet, this technology exists now for images with Looking Similar. You can learn more about AI Recommendations and the Looking Similar capability today – no joke! 

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