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Algolia offline

Seamless search experience for your users - online & offline

Algolia offline provides the first fully functional offline search experience for mobile applications. Algolia Offline provides all of Algolia’s out-of-the-box functions - typo tolerance, autocomplete, multi-index search & more - even when your users have reduced or no connectivity.

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Seamless transitions

Automatically switch between online & offline search depending on the current network conditions.

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Automatic sync

Mirror parts of your indices locally on the mobile device, and keep them in sync with their online counterpart.

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Pure offline search

Host powerful Search solely on your users’ device with no need for cloud sync.

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Bring the full power of Algolia offline

Just a few lines of code

The offline mode blends seamlessly into our Android & iOS API clients, so you can add offline capabilities to your application with just a few lines of code!

Expand your horizons

With Algolia Offline, your users can enjoy the same great benefits of your app wherever they go.

Redefine your Offline experience

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The offline shopping experience

Search is core to how shoppers find your great products, and if they can’t find them, then they can’t buy them. Algolia’s offline search capabilities lays the foundation for re-imagining the offline search experience - shoppers can find the right products wherever they are, store it in their shopping cart, and you can remind them to checkout once they’re connected to the network.

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Productivity wherever you go

Mobile apps put your entire business in your pocket—sales, collaboration tools, documents & data. But what good is all that productivity if you can’t get access to your current client list when you’re at a network-saturated conference, or search through your team to-do list when you’re abroad? Enable your enterprise customers to get more out of your SaaS product, wherever they are.

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Astonish users with offline location search

Whether users are going on a hike and want to have vista points in their pocket, or they are navigating a busy conference venue, shopping mall or city, astonish your users by giving them nearby destinations, hot spots & other location-based information they’re used to searching for online.