Dynamic Synonym Suggestions

AI-generated synonyms to boost relevance for Keyword Search.

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Peter Buffington,Product Manager at ABC


ABC—being the largest news platform in Australia—our audience is very diverse. It makes it difficult to continuously connect our visitors to the right content among our 1M+ articles. Since using Dynamic Synonym Suggestions, we’ve seen our search greatly improves on www.abc.net.au.

How dynamic suggestions works

Help users find what they are looking for with their first search

Users search for products or content using their own specific vocabulary and language. Guessing and creating new synonyms for different user needs at scale can be challenging, if not impossible, especially if you support multiple languages. Algolia Dynamic Synonym Suggestions for Keyword Search frees up time and scales rapidly by applying AI algorithms to predict synonyms based on your users’ query refinements.

User engagement

Improve user engagement with AI search

Engage with your users in the most efficient manner by understanding the synonyms they use, thus increasing engagement and revenue while making your content more discoverable.

User sessions

Algolia AI computes, humans decide

Analysing your user sessions, Algolia detects new potential synonyms. But you have the final say: quickly accept or reject any synonym recommendation before it is added to your library. Let Algolia Dynamic Synonym Suggestions help you make informed decisions for your business.

User behaviors

Eliminate guesswork and stay up-to-date as user behavior changes

Make your development, product and business teams more productive by reducing manual tasks to find and create accurate synonyms, especially during high-traffic periods.

Let Algolia surface new synonyms over time that are unique to your business. Re-use these insights to fuel your SEO strategy, advise your sellers, structure your content, and other business goals.

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Algolia AI-powered Dynamic Synonym Suggestions FAQs

  • Yes, Dynamic Synonym Suggestions leverages AI to suggest new synonyms that you can accept or reject. You can freely create and upload synonyms in addition to the ones Algolia AI suggested.

  • Dynamic Synonym Suggestions works for all Latin languages. Non Latin languages haven’t been tested in the beta program yet. If you’re using Algolia to power experiences in non-Latin languages, it is available to test and please share your feedback with us directly from the Algolia dashboard - just click on the “Provide Feedback” button.

  • No, all your data is strictly confined to your Algolia application and cannot be used by other Algolia customers. Your data will feed the AI algorithms instances of your application only.

  • You can benefit from AI powered search with Dynamic Synonym Suggestions on our Premium plan, starting at $1.5/month.

  • No. The AI engine understands the meaning of common words without the need to use Dynamic Synonym Suggestions. 

Existing customer? To access the previous version of our pricing and feature description, please contact support@algolia.com