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    “For a retailer like us with more than 25,000 products in our catalog, a solution that improves each of our users’ experiences along their search journey adds tremendous value. Algolia’s built-in personalization represents a real step forward in the digital era for Decathlon Singapore.”

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    “Algolia’s streamlined search, browse and personalized merchandising platform has given us unprecedented control over the end-to-end Search & Discovery experience, empowering us to deliver a more relevant shopping experience for each customer’s needs.”

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Create truly unique, AI-powered search experiences

Users expect digital experiences to learn from their actions and present them the most relevant content. Algolia Personalization leverages AI to analyze individual users’ actions on your digital properties to surface the most relevant content to them, whether they search or navigate.

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Optimize for both personal preferences and conversions

Algolia Personalization makes the experience more rewarding for your users every time they interact, by increasing the chance of conversion for each interaction and strengthening the engagement of users with your digital properties.

Create a tailored personalization strategy in just a few clicks

Every business has specific audiences and goals, and there is no one size fits all for personalization. Algolia Personalization gives your total control over the personalization AI algorithm, in an easy to use interface.

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Proven impact for your digital customer experience and your business

Algolia Personalization comes with a simulator that shows exactly how it optimizes results for each user and each query. Using Algolia A/B Testing, you can assess the performance of the personalized experience with confidence, and tune results to achieve optimal results for users and your business.

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Algolia Personalization FAQs

  • You can use any event as long as it is related to a specific record in your search index, or a search facet. Click, add-to-cart, view, add-to-wishlist, you can choose what makes the most sense for your audience, your content and your business.
  • No, it augments it. We believe AI search should be AI enhanced search. For each query and each user, Algolia Personalization will use your users profiles to re-rank a result list that has been returned and ranked a first time based on your textual and business relevance parameters.
  • Yes, using our Visual Editor or our Rules API, you can merchandise the search experience or execute on editorial strategies on top of the AI powered, personalized search results.
  • No, all your data is strictly confined to your Algolia application and cannot be used by other Algolia customers. Your data will feed the AI algorithms instances of your application only.
  • You can benefit from AI powered search with Personalization on our Premium plan, starting from $1.5/month.

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