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Media content discovery, recommendation and search platform for videos, TV, music, articles, and social media.

Prominent media companies use Algolia

Want to provide an engaging, personalized website or app experience? Our media content Search and Discovery platform features configurable, transparent search and recommendation APIs and UI kits. In real time, you can use our advanced search engine to deliver just the right media content, on the device and platform of each searcher’s choice. Which music streaming sites, publishers, social networks, and other types of media organizations are reaping the benefits of our advanced media discovery and search tools? Here are just a few:

Chris Elm,director of software development


“We needed a fast, relevant, and seamless content discovery solution that we could implement quickly and with ease across teams. Algolia offered everything we needed, right out of the box.”

Matt Taylor,edition production manager

The Times

“Algolia is a breeze to work with...our editorial team has seen significant productivity improvements when building the daily online edition of The Times and weekly edition of The Sunday Times, with search being 300–500 times faster than our prior solution.”

Dom Cobb,head of security


“Algolia is the best thing that ever happened to me in my life (this is filler text obviously and a real quote should be inserted here)”

America’s Test Kitchen
France TV
Ouest France

Let users read (or see or hear) all about it

Responsive and scalable search, in any language, anywhere in the world.

Satisfy people’s media search requests every time

Whether a consumer is using search functionality to do a video search for a movie or a music search for a certain version of a song, or simply surfing a social media forum like LinkedIn or browsing for interesting news articles, they should be able to instantly find the most relevant item in your media database thanks to your powerful content discovery platform.With our APIs, building a delightful digital experience is no longer the exclusive domain of the market leaders. Our discovery engine combines human- and AI-led curation models so you can draw your target audience in, quickly give them what they want, and win their loyalty over time.

Make more media content available for user search and discovery.

Make more media content available

Whether your media database is relatively small, medium sized, or mammoth, you can give your searchers fast access to both your own media archives and any partner media content in real time. Our engine simultaneously queries multiple content indices. You can use either our media crawler or traditional indexing methods to feed a single unique content data platform, on which you can easily build a consistently engaging user experience for media audiences.

Instantly provide the most relevant item in your media database with a content discovery platform.

Responsive and scalable, anywhere in the world

In today’s connected technology and ecommerce environment, when a consumer uses a search tool to do a new search, they expect to pull up the freshest, most relevant media content—such as a just-released album or live-streamed performance—in an instant, regardless of their location on the planet. With configurable APIs, a distributed infrastructure, the ability to support any language, and the power to scale to meet business needs, our media search and discovery engine ensures that your media consumers can enjoy the quickest possible, most relevant advanced search experiences available.

Search & Discovery for Media with Algolia

Easy to integrate into your media use case

Regardless of the media type that your company provides, our content Search and Discovery platform is designed to improve the user experience, strengthen your sense of partnership with users, and thereby improve your site’s metrics and conversion rate. Our media search engine APIs will let you surface your content catalog in any front end, whether it’s a customer-facing app or an internal content management system.

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