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Geo Search by Algolia

Connect your content to the real world.

Engage your users with location-based search and discovery.

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World’s leading brands chose Algolia

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Endless possibilities

Serving relevant content to your users is core to performant search and discovery, and relevance calls for context. Engage your users with content that makes sense for them wherever they are.

Supercharge your omnichannel retail strategy, allow fans to search for their favorite band’s closest concerts, or let your users search for the best restaurants at their next destination. The possibilities are endless.

We provide you with the tools to build the location based experience that will delight your users and accelerate your business.

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Location-based, relevance first

Leveraging location doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice relevance. Algolia lets you define the ranking strategy that is right for your business, so your users will always find the most relevant result around them, not just the closest.