Blindster Shutters Dated Infrastructure: Adopts Algolia and Gains Remarkable 33% Surge in Search Conversions

Algolia AI Search boosts search revenue by 18% and reduces developer workload

May 14, 2024 at 11:00 AM Coordinated Universal Time

SAN FRANCISCO –  May 14, 2024 Algolia, the world's only end-to-end AI Search solution, announces that Blindster, the largest retailer of private label, custom-made window coverings in the U.S., selected Algolia's AI Search solution and embraced its powerful Analytics, Rules, Synonyms, and Dynamic Re-ranking functionality. This strategic move aims to propel Blindster to new heights within the window treatment industry by leveraging best-in-class technologies. The result: A remarkable surge in search conversions by 33% and an impressive 18% increase in search revenue.

Prior to Algolia, Blindster grappled with the limitations of an outdated, monolithic, PHP-based application, which hindered swift site changes and delivered a lackluster search experience. The application's inability to support millions of product stock-keeping units (SKUs) and review an ever-expanding index of product attributes also stifled Blindster's potential to connect with online shoppers effectively. 

Under the visionary guidance of Blindster Chief Executive Officer Kyle Cox and Chief Technology Officer Hector Almaguer, Blindster embarked on a transformative journey, building an API-first, headless commerce platform with Algolia as its cornerstone.

CTO Hector Almaguer underscores Algolia's pivotal role in fulfilling the company's mission: “Algolia's breakthrough AI Search solution enables Blindster to deliver exceptional shopping experiences, fostering enduring customer relationships and cementing our leadership in the market.”

With Algolia seamlessly integrated across all category pages and poised for content implementation, Blindster anticipates a paradigm shift in its ecommerce landscape. Algolia's innovative features not only enhance search capabilities but also bolster flexibility, alleviate developer workload, and advance their personalization ambitions.

Michelle Adams, Chief Revenue Officer, Algolia, said: “Blindster's experience underscores the unparalleled impact of Algolia's solutions in driving engagement, conversions, and customer satisfaction. We eagerly anticipate further collaboration as Blindster continues its trajectory toward tech-driven excellence.” 

Discover firsthand how Algolia's suite of AI search and discovery solutions has propelled Blindster to unparalleled success. Read the case study to learn more about their unmatched customer experience. 

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About Blindster
Blindster is an e-commerce retailer specializing in custom-made blinds, shades, and shutters, selling direct to consumers across the USA. Their core mission is to empower “Do-It-Yourself”-ers to achieve their dream homes affordably by eliminating intermediaries like in-home designers and professional installers. With a beginner-friendly online ordering process and self-installation guidance, Blindster instills confidence in their customers, even going so far as to fully guarantee a perfect fitting product and complete customer satisfaction. Renowned for exemplary customer service, Blindster's experienced team assists DIY enthusiasts at every step of the way with personalized care and guidance. Explore their offerings and expertise at