Global Kitchen Appliance Brand Breville Brews Up a New Ecommerce Experience with Algolia


April 30, 2024 at 11:00 AM Coordinated Universal Time

SAN FRANCISCO, April 30, 2024Algolia, the world’s only end-to-end AI Search platform, today announced a successful implementation by Breville, an iconic kitchen appliances brand. By adding Algolia’s AI Search, Breville significantly elevated online engagement and personalization for their 15 million worldwide online visitors. This enhanced customer experience led to a notable rise in Breville's visitor-to-order ratio, with one in five visitors ultimately making a purchase.

Prior to the introduction of Algolia AI Search, the Breville team employed an open-source solution for their search function that eventually became unwieldy. This unwieldiness became more pronounced as Breville expanded their investment in generating content to further inspire their shoppers during their discovery experience. This newly generated content comprised various additional resources mapping recipes to different Breville appliances. However, without the necessary tools, it could be overwhelming and challenging for consumers to locate. This underscored the necessity to construct a search function capable of efficiently directing consumers to relevant content without the need for unnecessary foraging. 

Tal Ball, Chief Technology Officer, Breville said: “Our primary focus is our customers and this focus drives all our endeavors. Before adopting Algolia, a significant portion of our engineering resources was dedicated to the constant maintenance of our self-managed search system. Unfortunately, this allocation of resources hindered our ability to concentrate adequately on crafting meaningful customer experiences. By transitioning to Algolia AI Search, we have been able to redirect our engineering efforts toward tasks that have a more substantial impact on the business. Given Algolia's API-first approach and extensive partner ecosystem, our implementation of Adobe Experience Manager and commercetools was seamless.”

By prioritizing merchandising, Breville has empowered itself to rapidly develop and fine-tune strategies, including making instant updates and utilizing Algolia's AI Search for its powerful Dynamic Re-Ranking feature. This is all managed seamlessly in a user-friendly Merchandising Studio, transforming the operational efficiency of Breville's merchandising team. They can now shift focus from manual tasks to strategic and commercial pursuits, thanks to Algolia AI Search.

Bernadette Nixon, Chief Executive Officer, Algolia, added: “In addition to an impressive one in five engaged customers making a purchase, the intuitive useability of Algolia AI Search has simplified the process for both new and returning Breville customers to locate precisely what they seek. Whether accessing the search bar, facet navigation, or targeted landing pages, the shopping journey has been streamlined, creating a more cohesive overall experience. By using Algolia AI Search, Breville is establishing a new benchmark in the kitchen appliance industry by providing exceptional, personalized shopping experiences, while also empowering the brand's merchandisers to unleash limitless potential.”

Learn more about how Algolia’s intuitive search technologies elevated Breville’s customer experience in the case study. To schedule a demo of Algolia AI Search solution, visit

About Breville
Since its inception 90 years ago, Breville has grown to become an iconic global brand, delivering kitchen products to more than 70 countries around the globe. The company goes to market as the Sage Appliances brand in Europe, and as the Breville brand in the rest of the world. Breville has enhanced people's lives through the delivery of brilliant innovation and thoughtful design based on deep consumer insights, empowering people to do things more impressively or easily than they'd thought possible in their own home and ultimately allowing them to Master Every Moment.

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