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Mobile technology has revolutionized so many aspects of how we live our life and shopping is no exception. Mobile commerce will continue to evolve and brands need to adapt now.

  • The average American spends over four hours on their phones every day, checking it as often as 150 times
  • Mobile dominated BFCM 2019 on Shopify, generating 69% of sales
  • 55% of consumers have bought something online after discovering it on social media. 

According to a report by Google, users who have a negative experience in your mobile store are 62% less likely to purchase from you in the future. While optimizing your mobile website is necessary, it isn’t the ultimate solution to the challenges of mobile drop off. You need to deliver a mobile shopping experience that is convenient and easy to use if you want your customers to come back for more, and ensure it is on brand and seamless as possible.

This is why we partnered with Tapcart. Tapcart turns Shopify stores into no-code mobile apps that have a top-notch user experience, giving your ecommerce store a competitive edge. Not just because you can provide your customers a 5-second checkout, instant page loading and the ability to send push notifications – but because you can deliver a seamless search experience. By connecting Algolia to your Tapcart mobile app, your mobile shoppers can search and discover products with just one tap to drive engagement and conversions. 


Algolia plug-in features:

  • General Search: Homepage and collection page search with ability to customize ranking and merchandizing rules
  • Popular Search: Start typing and popular search suggestions will display with each keystroke
  • Trending Search: Before you start typing, trending search queries will display suggestions of what users are frequently searching for
  • Filtering: Pulls from the predetermined facets on the Algolia dashboard
  • Sorting: Pulls from indices you created on your Algolia dashboard

Want to know more about the integration? Schedule a demo.


Tapcart is a Shopify Plus Certified mobile app provider for over 20,000 of the world’s fastest-growing Shopify brands including Fashion Nova, Urban Planet, Chubbies, Planet Blue, Fanjoy and more. Mobile is the next generation of commerce and savvy users have come to expect an optimal experience while shopping on their phones. With Tapcart, you can design and launch a world-class mobile app for your brand that increases conversion and engagement with no coding or development work required. Seamlessly sync your Shopify store with your Tapcart app to increase retention, build brand loyalty, and generate more orders.

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