Enter our Coding Contest: submit a project showcasing Algolia and win a smartphone

We know many of you have been building great implementations using the Algolia API. We want to see more of them, and this is why we decided to kick off a Coding Contest!

Participating is simple:

  • Build a project using Algolia, choosing one of the 3 categories listed below
  • Place your submission in a GitHub repository
  • Send your project to codingcontest(at)

The deadline for all submissions is Wednesday, May 5th, 11:59PM PST.

The prizes

Exciting news! For each category, the winner will receive one of the following:

  • A smartphone of your choice between an iPhone 12 64 Gb / a Samsung S21 128 Gb / an OPPO Find X3 Neo 256 Gb
  • Or an $800 Amazon giftcard.

On top of that, each participant is entitled to a 1-month coupon to use Algolia for free. Please send us an email to codingcontest[at] with “Coupon request” in the subject line.

Project requirements

Build a search interface using Algolia. It can be for mobile or the web. You can integrate it into an existing website or app, or create a simple, standalone interface for the contest.

If you are not familiar with Algolia, we suggest you follow our Quick Start guide, which will help you (a) send data to Algolia and (b) build a UI. You can also use our Interactive Tutorial for the same purposes.

Additionally, feel free to use any of Algolia’s features: facets, solutions, paging, menus, and so on. Check out our solutions page in the docs for tutorials, and check our inspiration library to see what you can build. 

We will not accept projects that display violence, pornography, abuse, or any kind of hate speech, as stated in the Coding Contest Official Rules.


To evaluate the submitted projects, we take into account:

  • Functionality: Is your code clean, does it work well?
  • User experience: Once you’ve got the features, now it’s time to design the interface. Are features well placed on the screen? Are they nicely styled? Extra points for creativity or novelty! 

Important note: you can only submit one project. Choose from one of the following three categories:

Your project – pick one

First category

Build a project using both the Strapi and Algolia APIs. You can also include any other APIs or tool you’d like for this project. It’s your time to get creative! 

Second category

If you’re not familiar with Strapi, we offer you a broader option: build a project using the Algolia API, plus any other APIs or tools you’d like for this project.

Again, be creative! Please refer to our documentation if you have any questions.

Third category

Build an Algolia implementation using a pre-made Codesandbox.

See the rules here.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can Algolia offer me a free plan for this project?

Yes. Algolia offers a forever free plan to all new users. We are also offering a 1-month coupon for each participant to thank you for joining the contest. If you’re interested in having the coupon, please send us an additional email to codingcontest(at) with “Coupon request” in the subject line.

  • Can I use Strapi for free for this project?

Yes. Strapi offers a Community plan that is free and available to everyone.

  • Can I participate in several categories?

No. You can only participate in one of the 3 categories, as stated in the Coding Contest Official Rules.

  • When will the results be announced?

The Algolia jury will deliberate during 2 weeks after the last day of submissions.

  • How will I know I am the winner of my category?

You will receive an email from the Algolia team. They will contact you about the prize and how to organize the shipping.

  •  If I have some questions for the organizers, where should I send them?

Please send them to codingcontest[at]algolia.com_

  • Can a website/app already using Algolia be submitted?

No. The goal of this contest is for you to build something new. We want to make the contest fair to every participant who has until May 5th to build their project. However, you can definitely get inspired by one of your previous projects using Algolia!

  • Does the code have to be public or can I submit a private repository?

You can submit a private repository, but we will ask you to give access to the jury members when you submit on the codingcontest[at] email adress.


Coding Contest Official Rules

The Official Rules of the Coding Contest are available here. By participating to the Coding Contest, you agree with the Algolia Coding Contest Official Rules.

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Julie Reboul

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