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What is Algolia

Algolia is a hosted, API-first platform used to build world-class search & discovery experiences. 

Start building quickly using libraries for every major language and framework. Scale your solution with a platform that serves over 85 billion queries for more than 13k customers every month.

Algolia Android Client

API-first search and discovery for your Android apps.

Utilize the Algolia open-source Kotlin client to index your data, configure your search, add analytics and much more.  

Algolia is an API-First Search and Discovery platform that empowers builders to compose experiences at scale. Explore Algolia


  • Gives API access to all Algolia functionality, settings, advanced features, and ML/AI products
  • Compatible with InstantSearch for Android
  • Works with Android Studio (recommended) or without
  • Background retry strategy to ensure uptime
  • Seamless batching via iterators to optimize number of network calls
  • Zero downtime reindexing feature


  • Latest release
  • We recommend using our Kotlin API client, which is better suited for Android development

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1// Gradle
2dependencies {
3    // [...]
4    implementation 'com.algolia:algoliasearch-android:3.+'
5    // This will automatically update to the latest v3 release when you build your project


1List<JSONObject> array = new ArrayList<JSONObject>();
3  new JSONObject()
4    .put("firstname", "Jimmie")
5    .put("lastname", "Barninger")
6    .put("objectID", "myID")
9  new JSONObject()
10    .put("firstname", "Warren")
11    .put("lastname", "Speach")
12    .put("objectID", "myID2")
15index.saveObjectsAsync(new JSONArray(array), null);


1Index index = client.getIndex("contacts");
3// Add settings
4Query query = new Query("query string")
5  .setAttributesToRetrieve("firstname", "lastname")
6  .setHitsPerPage(50);
8// Perform search
9index.searchAsync(query, new CompletionHandler() {
10  @Override
11  public void requestCompleted(JSONObject content, AlgoliaException error) {
12    // [...]
13  }
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