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Algolia hosted search API

Deliver relevant content to users in milliseconds with our powerful search API

With Algolia Search, developers can rely on a simple and robust API to build the experiences at the core of their companies’ applications. It democratizes the power of API building blocks with management UIs necessary to optimize user experiences and drive business results. From eCommerce sites to virtual reality productivity tools, Algolia Search powers search and discovery experiences anywhere.

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  • Build long-lasting experiences

    From unmatched speed to our AI capabilities, Algolia Search comes with continuously expanding capabilities at scale.

  • Keep control & visibility

    Customize the relevance of your search experience, get insights on how users interact with it, launch A/B tests and search analytics via APIs or a user-friendly dashboard.

  • Implement & iterate in no time

    Leverage advanced front end libraries, 14 API clients and extensive documentation to easily build and optimize differentiated experiences, anywhere.

Build an optimized and performant search experience, with Algolia’s Search API

Search to drive efficiency at scale

Richard Migette,E-commerce Project Leader at Decathlon Singapore

Decathlon Singapore

“What first impressed us was Algolia’s performance and reliability. Thanks to their distributed infrastructure, the search experience is always working, and always fast. This allows us to focus on shaping the solution to our needs instead of maintaining it”

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Algolia Search FAQ

  • An index is the place where the data used by a search engine is stored.

    It is the equivalent for search of what a “table” is for a database. Unlike a database table, an index is optimized for search operations.

    For example, in an ecommerce website, the index would be a complete list of all products with a custom ranking. Learn more here.

  • Of course! All the features that make Algolia great on desktop make it even better on mobile.

    • Typo-tolerance: if there’s one place where users make typos, it’s on mobile.
    • Speed: mobile network tends to be slower, making speed an even more critical feature.
    • Relevance: on a small screen, it’s even more essential to find the best results at the top of the list.

    We provide API clients for Swift and Objective-C, Android, Kotlin and C# to help you with your implementation.

    Additionally, we’ve created iOS and Objective-C and Android UI libraries to help you easily implement search interfaces on mobile.

  • We do not offer an on-premise solution. Algolia is only an SaaS offering. On-premise is a complete change of focus - to do both is unsustainable for us. Learn more here.

  • We’ve designed our infrastructure to handle dozens to thousands of indexing operations per second. The speed depends on many factors. It generally takes more time if you’re on a shared cluster than when your plan includes a dedicated one, because shared cluster also share processing threads.

    In most cases, the engine processes indexing operations in a matter of seconds, and search operations in a few milliseconds. Learn more here.

  • Search APIs are software components that allow developers to seamlessly introduce search capabilities to websites and applications. They provide backend tools for indexing documents, querying various types of data, managing cluster configurations, viewing search analytics, and more.