Algolia Query Suggestions

Guide your users to the right content

Algolia Query Suggestions leverage your users’ signals to generate relevant, personalized search suggestions.

Personalized Query Suggestions
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Personalized Query Suggestions

Smoother search experiences

With Query Suggestions, users discover more relevant search suggestions at each keystroke to help them refine their search.

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Precise illustration


Use autocomplete Query Suggestions to help extend queries, make them more precise, and return better results to users.

Mobile implementations illustration

Mobile implementations

Reduce the number of keystrokes required for users to explore your content.

Personalized illustration


Leverage Algolia Personalization to provide relevant suggested queries to each of your users.

Leverage all data sources

Query Suggestions combines various sources of data to always provide the best suggested queries to your users.

Tailor to your catalog illustration

Tailor to your catalog

Query Suggestions analyzes your indices, including the attributes for filtering and faceting, to provide search suggestions leading to the right category of your content, and never to a no-result page.

Learn from your users’ signals illustration

Learn from your users’ signals

Suggested queries are generated and ranked based on what your users search for and how they refine their search, and are updated daily.

When used with Algolia Personalization, suggestions are further refined based on each user’s affinity profile.

Bring your own data illustration

Bring your own data

Ingest your Google Analytics or any external analytics tool to generate and further refine Query Suggestions.

Completely configurable

Query Suggestions can be configured to your specific needs.

Merchandise suggestions illustration

Merchandise suggestions

Use rules to boost specific suggestions, or display banners in your rich autocomplete for specific keywords or contexts.

Create synonyms to give your users the best search suggestions even when they use words that are not in your catalog.

No bad surprises illustration

No bad surprises

Define a blacklist of keywords that will never make it to the suggested queries.

Query Suggestions will ignore repeated similar queries from the same IP address to prevent “flood”.

Fine tune to your needs illustration

Fine tune to your needs

Control advanced query suggestion settings, including what attributes to show in search suggestions, the minimum number of letters for a suggestion to be surfaced, and more.

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