Algolia Site Search for Corporate Websites

Engage your audience with tailored site search experiences

Algolia Site Search is a content discovery platform that enables businesses to build, manage and deliver customer centric, content based experiences on every channel.

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Achieve your business goals with Site Search & Discovery

Every website must serve the needs of very different types of visitors.

Site Search is how you enable them to tailor the experience to their needs, so they can access the right content for them, and engage with your company.

Deliver a consumer grade content discovery experience

Engage your visitors with frictionless experiences. Whether they search or browse, search as you type, typo tolerance, natural language understanding and many more allow for seamless discovery across all your content, no matter where it lives.

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Query suggestions illustration

Query Suggestions

Prompts users with words that other people often search for.

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Offer multiple paths to engagement with a menu of your different content categories.

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Content showcase

From “Popular” content to “Trending Now” or “New”, a relevant and intuitive browse experience inspires users to engage with new content and return to their favorites.

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Unify your content

Your content is spread across various digital properties, CMS and teams, which makes it hard to orchestrate and deliver it. Algolia Site Search and Algolia Crawler unify it into a single content delivery platform.

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Unleash your content on every channel

You spend countless hours perfecting content for your digital properties, ensure your visitors can seamlessly connect with it on every channel.

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Reduce IT workload

Get up and running with Algolia Site Search in 4 steps and continuously optimize. Leverage Algolia Crawler to ingest and structure content from all your websites without the need for custom connectors.

Easily add new content sources, new teams or new channels to the experience.

How Coursera leverages Site Searchto drive business outcomes

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“By offering a frictionless experience to our visitors, extended insights to our marketing team, and simplicity for anyone to manage the experience, Algolia is the pillar of our digital experience.”

Wayne Willyard
Head of Digital Experience
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