Algolia Helps Mister Auto Boost Scalability and Speed, Optimizing the eCommerce Experience for 3 Million Unique Customers a Month

Online auto parts dealer achieves blazing fast indexing for its vast product catalog of 1.5M parts and increases conversion and click-through rates

October 11, 2022 at 04:00 AM Coordinated Universal Time

San Francisco – October 11 , 2022 – Algolia, the leading API-First Platform for Search & Discovery, today announced the integration of its modern search technology by Mister Auto, an international eCommerce company that sells auto parts. Algolia’s blazing fast product indexing capabilities, and its AI Synonyms, Search, and A/B Testing capabilities both personalized and dramatically transformed the user experience for Mister Auto’s three million monthly unique visitors. Customers can now quickly find the parts they need from Mister Auto’s catalog of 1.5 million unique products, all of which has led to a 12% boost in conversion rates. 

“Since launching the Mister Auto eCommerce website in 2008, we’ve grown rapidly and now operate in over 20 countries, offering over 1.5 million products across our websites and mobile apps,” said Coralie Sanchez, website product owner for Mister Auto.  “Enabling millions of customers to sift through an extensive, highly specific product catalog requires serious search speed, scale and relevance. Luckily, having Algolia in place has been critical to tackling this challenge and boosting customer satisfaction."

In 2022, consumers have high expectations for browsing experiences. In fact, AWS finds that 88% of consumers say they have abandoned a website due to inadequate user experience. Though many retailers prioritize the visual elements of their websites over advanced search and discovery capabilities, relevant search is responsible for influencing nearly 40% of buyouts. Therefore, eCommerce businesses must understand that enabling better search will improve website navigation. For companies like Mister Auto that attract millions of visitors and boast large product catalogs, in addition to relevance, speed and scalability are vital search factors for  delivering on the last mile of customer service.  

Algolia Search is a fully-hosted, powerful search API that creates fast search and discovery. Together with Algolia’s built-in A/B testing that provides business users with the agility to iterate on search relevances, and Algolia’s dynamic, AI-generated synonym suggestions based on user queries, Mister Auto has successfully reduced the return of “no results” pages by 65% to 80% across its multiple websites. Mister Auto can now effectively index its 1.5+ million products and prices in seconds and adapt its search experience to match ever-evolving user behavior. This powerful combination of Algolia technologies is now being used across all of Mister Auto’s 21 parts websites, 12 white label auto accessories websites and mobile applications in over 20 countries.

“With a business like Mister Auto’s, it's imperative that products can be found quickly and easily using a variety of search attributes, otherwise customers become frustrated and bounce quickly to the next potential vendor,” said Michelle Adams, Chief Revenue Officer for Algolia. “As the Mister Auto team continues to expand its superior selection of auto parts, our search and discovery capabilities will ensure consumers can find the parts almost instantaneously. Whether they search on a part number, name or description, the most relevant results for products in stock at their nearest location will show up.”

To learn more about how Algolia helps Mister Auto provide a fast, flexible and relevant search experience, explore our case study. To schedule a demo of Algolia’s platform, visit

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