Algolia Unveils New Search & Discovery Tools for Developers at DevCon 2022

DevCon 2022 attendees get first look at tools built to make putting content into motion quicker and easier

September 14, 2022 at 12:00 AM Coordinated Universal Time

San Francisco – September 14, 2022 – Today during the first day of DevCon 2022, Algolia’s inaugural developer conference, the company unveiled three new capabilities: Connector & Flow APIs, Algolia CLI (Command Line Interface), and React InstantSearch Hooks, all of which are designed to meet the ever-evolving needs of the developer community. Algolia’s commitment to continuous innovation is helping millions of developers worldwide quickly build superior search and discovery experiences. 

“At Algolia, we’re constantly developing new tools based on input from our growing community of world-class developers,” said Bharat Guruprakash, chief product officer, Algolia. “The enhancements announced today are built to help developers save valuable time and boost productivity. With Algolia’s commitment to innovation, developers are well-equipped to deliver the best search and discovery experience possible both today and into the future.”

Connector & Flow APIs 
New Connector APIs enable developers to more easily connect to and ingest data into Algolia, regardless of its location. For instance, developers will be able to now retrieve JSON data directly from a URL. This new functionality automates a critical workflow, freeing up valuable time for developers. Flow APIs allow developers to transform and enhance data during the ingestion into an index, eliminating the need to write custom code that preps the data during the ingestion process. Flows can also run on a schedule or via a webhook to ensure indices are always up-to-date with zero additional effort. 

Developers can now sign up to receive access to the Beta versions of Connector and Flow APIs, once available. 

Algolia CLI (Command Line Interface)
The Algolia CLI can be accessed right from a developer’s terminal so that they can quickly accomplish tasks or write complete scripts that automate work with Algolia. The Algolia CLI can be used to configure changes to any index, create synonyms, migrate settings, export an index to a file, reload snapshots, and much more, without needing to write complex code and scaffolding in specific programming languages. From handling simple operations to complex workflows, the Algolia CLI makes implementing changes convenient and takes some burden off the developer team by creating broader accessibility across the IT team. 

The Algolia CLI is fully open-source, under an MIT license, and lives in a public GitHub repository, so developers have the option to further customize the code if needed. The Algolia CLI is now available and can be installed today

React InstantSearch Hooks
React InstantSearch Hooks is a new iteration of the React InstantSearch Library, an open-source UI library for quickly building a search & discovery interface in a front-end application without code, that now works with React Hooks, a web framework for building applications. New enhancements enable developers to use predefined UI widgets, or to go headless and take full control of the rendering with Hooks. Developers can start using React InstantSearch Hooks today. 

To learn more about Algolia’s latest developer tools, news (e.g., the recent acquisition of, and best practices, join us virtually for Day 2 of DevConn 2022 (September 14-15). 

About Algolia
Algolia is revolutionizing search and discovery by providing the world's most powerful API-First Search and Discovery Platform with its unique hybrid search engine, which is a combination of keyword and vector-based semantic search via NeuralSearch technology, in a single API. Algolia empowers both builders and business users with a better way to build unique and engaging end user experiences at Internet scale to predict what customers want with blazing fast speed and the best application browse experience leading to more remarkable Discovery. Algolia is your guide to the world’s content powering discovery where you live, work, and play. Discovery, as a result, is reinvented as the right content finds each user to inform, enrich and surprise. More than 12,500 companies including Under Armour, Birchbox, Stripe, Slack, Medium, and Zendesk rely on Algolia to manage over 1.5 trillion search queries a year. Algolia is headquartered in San Francisco with offices in New York, Atlanta, Austin, Paris, London, Bucharest, and Sydney. To learn more, visit

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