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How Algolia AI helps retailers create better converting experiences

Oct 14th 2020 ai

How Algolia AI helps retailers create better converting experiences

In times when more and more shoppers are going online, the right investments in digital properties can deliver huge returns. Most retailers recognize this opportunity, but also know that they need to invest in many areas to create a world-class ecommerce experience.  

Winning in today’s ultra competitive online world is all about creating an experience that is even better than what someone would experience when they walk into a store and talk to your best salesperson. Something that is effortless for the shopper and personalized to their needs. This is why we built Algolia AI.

Make your shopper feel understood, as if they were in a shop

We all search for products in a messy way. With Algolia AI, we let people use their own words to describe the products they are looking for, like they would when talking to a store associate.

Algolia Understand, our newest Natural Language Understanding capability, enables shoppers to simply state what they are looking for, and find it. With just a sentence, shoppers find exactly what they are looking for without additional efforts.

Dynamic Synonym Suggestions addresses the richness of our languages, and the constantly changing way we refer to products. It continuously suggests AI generate synonyms that make your experience smoother for all your shoppers, increasing their chances of buying, and reducing manual tasks for your merchandising team.

In your brick and mortar stores, you will hire local employees, most likely speaking the language of the region of the store. And you will make sure store associates in popular tourist spots speak several languages. Online, with Algolia Natural Language Processing, you can rely on a single search and discovery solution that supports more than 70 languages, even the most tricky ones. You can address all your markets from one platform.

Surface the most likely to be purchased products, always, everywhere

Shoppers expectations change over time. Think about what people were looking for when they searched for “mask” in 2019, and today.

For a few, obvious cases like “mask”, you could configure the search manually to return the right results. But you can’t do that everyday, for thousands or millions of searches. 

Algolia Dynamic Re-ranking does this for you. Leveraging AI, it makes each interaction more likely to convert by boosting the most performing products for each search. Dynamic Re-ranking users have measured annual uplifts of $1M to $2M in revenue after enabling this feature alone.

We all have preferences for specific brands, colors, categories, and sizes. Algolia Personalization leverages AI to tailor the shopping experience to each user, increasing the chances of conversion for each individual user. After activating Algolia Personalization, Decathlon measured a 50% increase in conversion rate.

Keep control where you need to

There will always be cases when AI isn’t the solution, and humans are key to drive more business outcomes. Even when using AI Search and Discovery solutions, retailers should be able to leverage their deep knowledge of their business, their shoppers and their catalog.

That’s why Algolia AI is tightly integrated into a comprehensive search and discovery management platform, so you can decide when to apply AI and when to manually curate.

Benefit from AI search outside of your online stores

Algolia and its new AI capabilities can benefit retailers in more places than web and mobile stores. Thanks to its API first approach, Algolia is easy to leverage in headless commerce architectures, and can power experiences on any channel. Some retailers power their in store kiosks with Algolia, so shoppers can easily browse the catalog. This experience will get even better with voice search powered by Algolia Understand. Shoppers also benefit from Algolia indirectly, via applications for store associates that allow them to browse the catalog, advise shoppers and check availability in real time.


As the stakes have never been higher to deliver the perfect experience for their shoppers, Algolia AI brings them a finally mature approach to AI search. 

Algolia AI can be deployed in a few clicks, without the need for a dedicated search data science team and infrastructure. Transparent and controllable, it keeps retailers in complete control.

Learn more and get started today!

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