Drive personalization, performance and growth at scale with AI search on Salesforce

As the Salesforce ecosystem advances into the future, Algolia is accelerating it to better serve Salesforce customers and assist them in achieving their business objectives. With our integration, we are helping leading global Salesforce Commerce Cloud retailers, such as Shoe Carnival, Ubisoft, Lacoste, to drive uplift in conversion, increase productivity, reduce bounce rates, and more – ultimately delivering profitable growth and next-level personalization to their customers.

With Algolia, Salesforce customers are able to leverage AI-driven search for the largest catalog, providing the most relevant results without compromising on performance. Our unrivaled capability to provide search query responses in under 20 milliseconds and to fully reindex 100,000 products in under 10 minutes means your shoppers always get lightning fast and up-to-date results, driving revenue and positively impacting customer loyalty.

We’re excited to announce the significant enhancements we’ve made to our integration with Salesforce, designed to enhance your shopper experiences, simplify workflows, and pave the way for your continued growth.

Improving merchandiser productivity through data and AI while staying in control

Through our intuitive and business-user friendly Merchandising Studio, Algolia optimizes merchandising at scale. By leveraging search data and adopting a data-driven approach, merchandisers can proactively adjust their search and personalization strategies to meet customer demands and market trends in real-time.

Algolia’s fully integrated Merchandising Studio and next-generation AI Search provide easy-to-use dashboards for visual merchandising; powerful search and revenue analytics; A/B testing and advanced controls in combination with AI-powered searchandising capabilities such as dynamic re-ranking, query categorization, suggested synonyms and personalization; empowering merchandisers to make informed decisions that drive revenue and enhance the overall customer experience.

This proactive and blended approach allows merchandisers to stay ahead of the curve, ensuring that their product inventory and search strategies remain relevant and appealing to customers while reducing manual effort and maximizing sales opportunities.

Reducing time to value and unlocking AI-powered search, personalization and discovery to power next-generation commerce storefronts

Algolia’s pre-built storefront cartridges and easy-to-use, highly customizable frontend libraries make it quick and easy to integrate Algolia’s blazingly fast and market-leading AI Search and Recommendations with the storefront technology of your choice.

On native storefronts, Algolia provides dedicated SFRA (Storefront Reference Architecture) and SiteGenesis frontend cartridges, simplifying the implementation process without requiring extensive development work. Recent enhancements include:

  • A low-code integration of AI Recommendations to easily take advantage of Algolia’s smart recommendation engine. Pre-configured templates that can be deployed via content slots make it simple to “drop in” Recommendations into your storefront with little to no code. Enhance your customers’ shopping experience and increase your average order value by suggesting, for example, ‘Related’, ‘Frequently Bought Together’, or ‘Looking Similar’ products with highly dynamic and relevant AI Recommendations at scale.

  • Configurable options to display product variants separately or in combined result tiles, with support for color swatches, providing customers with more flexibility regarding how to surface their products. This not only improves the overall user experience but also increases the likelihood of shoppers finding and selecting the products that best meet their preferences and needs.

  • Facet Bucketing to create grouped facets for related attribute options (e.g., grouping ‘burgundy’, ‘maroon’ and ‘crimson’ into ‘red’), simplifying facet choices for shoppers.
  • Out-of-box tracking of events – such as clicks or conversion events – which unlock Algolia’s powerful Analytics and AI features (see more below).
  • Support for Server-Side Rendering for improved SEO (search engine optimization).

In addition, Algolia provides mobile app UI building blocks for easily rolling out search on iOS, Android and – most recently – Flutter.

Optimized indexing performance and flexibility for best-in-class customer experience

Indexing performance impacts how quickly and efficiently data is processed and made searchable. When updates are delayed, it can frustrate shoppers with outdated information and negatively impact conversion rates. Algolia’s new “Generation 2” cartridge has reduced indexing times by -40% to -99.8% (depending on specific scenarios), ensuring your search data remains in sync in a timely manner even for the largest of catalogs.

Creating unified search experiences across different data sources, channels and customer touchpoints as well as having a 360-degree view of your data is key in building personalized and customer-centric experiences. Thanks to Algolia’s flexible cartridge, developer-friendly Search APIs as well as pre-built integrations and connectors for different data sources, you can easily combine Salesforce Commerce Cloud data with information from other systems (e.g., other Salesforce Clouds or specialized Composable Commerce tools) to enrich and streamline your customer journey. This makes it possible to seamlessly blend searchable product data from multiple sources as well as craft federated search experiences across different types of information such as product catalogs, buyer’s guides, and customer service information (e.g., help articles).

Unlocking greater value across your Salesforce ecosystem with Algolia Platform Accelerators

Whether you’re using Salesforce Commerce Cloud B2C, B2B, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, or Data Cloud, Algolia offers a low-code to no-code connector that integrates with any of them. This solution accelerates your integration process, helping you deploy custom solutions up to 75% faster compared to building from scratch.

Network of partners to accelerate your progress

We know that although advanced technology is essential for business growth, its effectiveness increases exponentially when backed by the right partners. Our partners are committed to addressing your unique needs by creating accelerators that make your journey smoother. From large-scale global systems integrators to specialized firms, we collaborate with a variety of partners to develop accelerators that, on average, reduce your time-to-value by about 40%.

What next?

Learn more about our integration here and join us at the Salesforce Connections in May to talk about what’s new! Find us at Booth 117.


About the authorValeriia Pierzinski

Valeriia Pierzinski

Product Marketing Manager, Algolia

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