Build (Algolia Search)

Terms and Conditions

Algolia will provide Subscriber with an access to Algolia Build Plan (Algolia Search) to use up to 1 million Records, 10,000 Search Requests per month and 10,000 Recommend Requests per month free of charge and subject to limitations set forth in the Documentation. The Build plan is provided only for evaluation purposes and may not be relied on by Subscriber for production or other commercial use.

If Subscriber’s usage reaches 1 million Records, 10,000 Search Requests per month or 10,000 Recommend Requests per month, Algolia may suspend the applicable Service or or apply attribution to the search results until Subscriber chooses a subscription plan that accommodates Subscriber’s usage needs.

The Build Plan (Algolia Search) is subject to (i) a maximum of 10 kilobyte per record size limit, and (ii) a maximum data size of 1 gigabyte per application. If Subscriber exceeds the limit on record size and data size per application, Algolia will either degrade or suspend Services until Subscriber adjusts usage to fit plan limits. Algolia Recommend is subject to Subscriber implementing the Algolia Insights API. In case your account remains inactive for more than 30 days, Algolia will remove your Subscriber Data.

General Terms and Conditions

Subscriber may use up to one (1) application for all subscribed Services. Algolia will make the Services available to Subscriber free of charge until the earlier of (a) Subscriber reaching the total 1 million Records limit or 10,000 Search Requests per month limit, (b) the start of any paid subscription for such Services, or (c) termination by Algolia at its sole discretion.

Automated Personalization

Upon Subscriber’s instructions and/or configurations and submission of its end users’ actions to Algolia through Algolia’s Insights API, the Automated Personalization Service allows Subscriber to collect information about its end users’ activities and use such information to personalize search results. Subscriber may configure how Algolia interprets these actions through the Algolia dashboard. Automated Personalization permits Subscriber to send up to ten (10) million actions per day to Algolia’s Insights API and make up to five (5) changes to its personalization configuration per day. Subscriber will have access to the profiling information it collects on its end users and may use such end user information in accordance with its agreement with such end users and to the full extent permitted by applicable laws and by accepting the Algolia Terms of Service, Subscriber represents and warrants to Algolia that it has all the necessary consent from its end users to use such data for the purpose it does. Data from the Automated Personalization feature is hosted in the location setting selected by Subscriber via the Services (which shall be the same location selected for analytics).