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Service Availability Service Level Agreement

Service Level Agreement of Algolia's Services



"Acceleration Ratio" means the acceleration multiplier Algolia offers for each Algolia Plan covered by this SLA.

"Algolia Plan" means each Algolia Services subscription plan (e.g., Essential & Plus Plans, Business Plan or Enterprise Plan).

"Customer" means the person (a natural person or entity) that has subscribed to the Algolia Services through one of his/her/its authorized representatives.

"Outage" means the search function of the Algolia Services is unavailable.

"Outage Period Minutes" means the actual number of minutes during a service month that the search function of the Algolia Services is unavailable.

"Plan Price" means the monthly subscription fee for the applicable Algolia Plan.

"SLA" means this Service Availability Service Level Agreement.

Available Invoice Credits

Customers who subscribe to Algolia Plans covered by this SLA (set forth below) will be entitled to invoice credits for any Outage that fails to meet the monthly guaranteed uptime. Invoice credits will be calculated as follows:

Credit = Plan Price (prorated for impacted cluster(s) for Enterprise plans) * (Outage Period Minutes * Acceleration Ratio) ÷ Minutes in the applicable service month

The guaranteed uptime, the Acceleration Ratio and maximum invoice credit available for each covered Algolia Plan is as follows:

  • Essential & Plus Plans
    • Monthly guaranteed uptime = 99.9%
    • Acceleration Ratio = x10
    • Capped to 50% of one month Plan Price (excluding add-ons)
  • Business Plan:
    • Monthly guaranteed uptime = 99.99%
    • Acceleration Ratio = x10
    • Capped to 100% of one month Plan Price (excluding add-ons)
  • Enterprise Plan
    • Monthly guaranteed uptime = 99.99%
    • Acceleration Ratio = x100
    • Capped to 100% of one month Plan Price (prorated for impacted cluster(s))
  • Premium SLA add-on (available as an add-on for Enterprise plans only):
    • Monthly guaranteed uptime = 99.999%
    • Acceleration Ratio = x1,000
    • Capped to the lesser of (i) subscription fee (prorated for impacted cluster(s)) paid for the six service months immediately preceding the service month with the applicable Outage and (ii) 50% of the subscription fee (prorated for impacted cluster(s)) paid for the twelve service months immediately preceding the service month with the applicable Outage.

Invoice Credits Terms and Conditions:

  • Credit will be applied to the invoice following the service month credit was accrued.
  • A pending credit does not release a Customer from its obligation to pay Algolia invoices submitted for payment in full when due.
  • In order for a Customer to be eligible to receive a credit under this SLA, the Customer must (1) use the latest version of Algolia API clients, (2) make sure that the retry strategy is implemented strictly following the guidelines of Algolia’s REST API documentation located at
  • For Customers of Enterprise plans, this SLA applies at the cluster level. This means that each cluster included in the applicable Enterprise plan is considered as a specific item for the benefit of this SLA. If there is an Outage, the credit will be calculated based only on the single cluster impacted (including any DSN server attached to the applicable cluster) and not on all clusters considered in the subscription.
  • For Enterprise plans, Algolia does not limit the number of API calls per month. This means that a Customer of an Enterprise plan may, from time-to-time, go over the maximum capacity of the infrastructure dedicated to the Customer under the applicable Enterprise plan. Reaching the maximum capacity of dedicated infrastructure is not considered as an Outage covered by this SLA.
  • Service degradation or suspension as a result of exceeding a Customer’s usage limit under an applicable Algolia Plan is not considered as an Outage covered by this SLA. Additional conditions apply as defined in the General Terms and Conditions of Use of Algolia’s Services located at or the applicable Customer’s subscription agreement.

How much will the credit be?

Figures below demonstrate percentage of monthly subscription fees that may be credited to a covered Algolia Plan Customer based on specified levels of Outage:

Outage Essential & Plus Business Enterprise PREMIUM SLA option
30sec 0% 0% 0% 1%
1min 0% 0% 0% 2%
5mins 0% 0% 1% 12%
20mins 0% 0% 5% 46%
1 hour 0% 1% 14% 139%
2 hours 0% 3% 28% 278%
4 hours 1% 6% 56% 556%
8 hours 1% 11% 100% 600%

Algolia may revise this SLA upon thirty (30) days’ notice by posting notice on the Algolia website and Customer may terminate its subscription agreement with Algolia without penalty upon notice to Algolia within ten (10) days of the amendment.

To find the version of our SLA in effect prior to 12:00 A.M. UTC on 08/16/2017 click here