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Infrastructure & Sub-Processors

Algolia's list of sub-processors

Infrastructure Sub-processors

Algolia operates worldwide infrastructure in co-location and server hosting facilities of our infrastructure partners together with industry leading cloud service providers. Algolia owns and controls logical access to the infrastructure maintained by the entities set forth below, while these entities maintain the physical security of the servers, network and the data center.

Entity Name Entity Type Corporate Location
Amazon Web Services, Inc. Cloud Service Provider United States
Google LLC Cloud Service Provider United States
LeaseWeb Global B.V. Server Provider Netherlands
OVH SAS Server Provider France
IPTP Networks Server Provider Netherlands
Hetzner Online GmbH Server Provider Germany
Anexia Internetdienstleistungen GmbH Server Provider Austria
WANSecurity Inc. Server Provider United States
Internap Corporation Server Provider United States
Packet Host, Inc. Server Provider United States
Zone Networks Pty Ltd. Server Provider Australia
E2E Networks Private Limited Server Provider India
WebWerks India Pvt. Ltd. Server Provider India
MaxiHost LTDA. Server Provider Brazil
Danidin Ltd. Server Provider Cyprus
Equinix, Inc. Data Center United States

Service Specific Sub-processors

Algolia works with certain third-parties to provide a specific functionality within its Services. These third-parties are Sub-processors with limited use indicated below and access to Subscriber Data in order to provide the relevant functionality.

Entity Name Purpose Corporate Location
Citus Data, Inc. Citus Data provides a hosted PostreSQL database used for our Analytics services. The primary information Citus Data has access to: search queries, end-user IP address. United States
Cloudflare, Inc Cloudflare provides content distribution (CDN), security and DNS services for web traffic to and from the services. The primary information Cloudflare has access to is information in and associated with the Algolia website URL that the end-user is interacting with (which includes end-user IP address). United States

Algolia Group Sub-processors

The following entities are the current members of the Algolia Group. Accordingly, they function as sub-processors to provide the Services.

Entity Name Country
Algolia, Inc. United States
Algolia SAS France
Algolia Limited United Kingdom