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Algolia Fall ‘20 Release

Algolia AI - Announcing the industry’s most intelligent search platform.

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A graphic displaying all Algolia AI solutions

Announcing a family of AI algorithms to make every experience better

Algolia AI can optimize your entire Search & Discovery experience growing your business with far less tuning by your business teams.

Algolia AI is tightly integrated into a comprehensive search and discovery management platform so you can always make the final decision.

Interface showing a set of answers to a complex questions

Algolia Answers

The best technologies from Algolia and GPT-3 to answer the most difficult natural language questions.

Algolia Answers finds not just the document, but the exact answer that best responds to the searcher’s question. Q&A adds real-world semantic knowledge to tunable textual relevance to find answers deep within unstructured content.

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“We’ve seen great results from Algolia Answers on questions that are difficult to answer with textual search alone. It was able to return very relevant, evergreen content from our news archives for questions such as "Why does a volcano erupt".”

A picture of Peter Buffington

Peter Buffington

Product Manager at ABC
A graphic displaying synonyms to the word "excellent"

Algolia Dynamic Synonym Suggestions

Find the best content on every search.

Let AI learn from how your users rewrite their queries to suggest synonyms, so next time they don’t have to rewrite.

“ABC being the largest news platform in Australia our audience is very diverse. It makes it difficult to continuously connect our visitors to the right content among our 1M+ articles. Since using Dynamic Synonym Suggestions, we’ve seen our search greatly improving on”

A picture of Peter Buffington

Peter Buffington

Product Manager at ABC
Go Sport
Salling Group
Search results filtered by AI

Algolia Dynamic Re-ranking

Better results with less manual tuning.

Leverage AI to boost the most performing results on your Search & Discovery experience, making each interaction with your digital properties more likely to convert.

Search results being personalized based on 2 different profiles

Algolia Personalization

A customizable engine to tailor the ranking to each user. New AI algorithms enhance user profiles generation, and improve the blending of intent and user context.

“For a retailer like us with more than 25,000 products in our catalog, a solution that improves each of our users’ experiences along their search journey adds tremendous value. Algolia’s built-in personalization represents a real step forward in the digital era for Decathlon Singapore.”

A picture of Richard Migette

Richard Migette

Ecommerce project leader at Decathlon Singapore
Decathlon Singapore
EyeBuy Direct
The search request "smartphone" displayed on several languages over the world

Natural Language Processing

New ML powered Natural Language Processing capabilities for improved support of Japanese, German, Dutch and Finnish.

“Japan being L’Occitane Group’s largest digital market worldwide, providing our Japanese customers with a state of the art digital experience is critical for us. Since implementing Algolia, we’ve seen a increase of 150% of sessions with search.”

A picture of Satoshi Yoshida

Satoshi Yoshida

Ecommerce platform manager