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Algolia for Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud

Build a blazing fast, highly relevantsearch experience on every channel

Pre-built integration cartridge to index your Salesforce Commerce Cloud catalog in minutes

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The flexibility of Algolia combined with the power ofSalesforce Commerce Cloud

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Through the power of Algolia and Salesforce Commerce Cloud, clients can now take advantage of faster, more relevant and personalized search experiences. The combination of Algolia and Salesforce Commerce Cloud synchronizes client’s listing of products, categories & custom objects in realtime with Algolia’s hosted search-engine. We then provide client’s developers with the tooling they need to implement high-converting search experience businesses can configure and fine-tune through a web dashboard.

Customize Relevancy and Search UX

Get started faster with a modern, as-you-type search experience. Control your user experience with added functionality of merchandizing, Rules, advanced analytics and more.

Increase Engagement

Connect users with exactly what they are looking for immediately, based on who they are, so that they’ll stay longer, engage further, and explore more deeply.

Drive Conversions

Create a differentiated Search and Discovery experience and shopper-friendly features leading to improved business metrics of higher click-through rates and more conversions. Algolia gives you complete control over the full user experience.

Accelerate Your Business

Our presence in 70+ data centers on 6 continents is unmatched. We serve billions of search queries per month. Wherever you are in the world, we’ll make your search ultrafast and reliable.

Create Frictionless Experiences On Any Device

Algolia provides the tools to build and customize a state-of-the-art site Search and Discovery experience that embraces your brand on every device. Easily bring features including autocomplete, typo tolerance, filters and facets, query suggestions and many more to your visitors, wherever they are.

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Lacoste information

  • +150%Search use

  • +37%Conversion rate

  • -80%Bounce rate

Our customers demand an intuitive, stellar experience that Lacoste is known for worldwide. The combination of Algolia and Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a critical part of delivering this digital experience across Lacoste platforms globally and has helped double our global sales.

Jérémie Szpiro, Global Digital Director - Lacoste

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