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10 stats that show why Algolia is the leader in Search

Ecommerce sites can be home to millions of SKUs. Which is a good thing! It means that retailers and marketplaces strive to have something for everyone. But how can your retail company ensure customers can easily find the products they want and make your online experience stand out?

Helping to address this challenge is our super power. From the outset, we’ve been the market-leading API-First Search and Discovery platform. We strive to make it easier for customers to solve problems, and while perhaps this sounds naive, we believe that we have made huge strides in the art of making the complex simple. Of course, as you evaluate Algolia alongside some others, you will need more than my perspective to convince your team which solution is best. [Spoiler alert:  the numbers speak for themselves]. 

Let’s get straight to the points. Here are ten statistics that show why Algolia is the leader in search and discovery: 

  1. A 382% ROI –  Forrester Research, an independent and objective research-based consulting group with a pretty darn impressive reputation, calculated 382% as the average ROI that Algolia’s platform can deliver in this Total Economic Impact report
  2. 50,000 search requests every second – The Algolia platform powers 50,000 searches a second, which is 30 billion search requests each week or 1.75 trillion each year. Without sweating even on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. If you’re keeping track, that’s four times more than Microsoft Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, Yandex and DuckDuckGo combined! Algolia Search for the win. 
  3. 40% to 50% Increase in relevance – Our algorithm drives results. We love surfacing the desired item rise through the ranks. Algolia’s ranking algorithm improves the relevance of search results with measured increases of 40% to 50%, especially by mobile customers. 
  4. $1.6 Million in savings – Losing your mind at these numbers? Get ready to lose your head. The data shows that retailers understand the value of search and headless architecture. Retailers’ future investments in search technology need to focus on solutions that are compatible with headless architectures. Algolia’s platform enables the transition toward a composable or headless architecture and streamlined digital experience development, saving $1.6 million on average across our 17,000 customers (more about them below!). Mileage will vary, but we’re confident you’ll see a difference.  So much so that we have a free ungated level.
  5. From nearly a year to 6 months (or less) to go live We give you time back to focus on what matters. With Algolia, major developer projects that typically take nearly a year can now be completed in less than 6 months. Time saved through automation freed up merchandisers to work on other initiatives to drive sales – one retailer noted that they reduced manual intervention from five days to one day. Imagine the revenue gains you can make when you can start delivering significant conversions in a few weeks, as opposed to several months with your current platform.  In todays’ economy, every day counts!
  6. $1.2 Million uplift in revenue – Money talks, and we listen. By using Algolia’s Recommend,  a composite group of customers were able to drive a $1.2 million uplift in revenue. That’s all from Forrester, for now, guess you’ll have to read the full report.
  7. 1-20 milliseconds Most Algolia search queries take 1-20 milliseconds. That’s up to 200 times faster than our competitors. So… it’s safe to say our API-first platform supports blazing fast speed. Which is essential as 80% of consumers identify speed as an important element for positive customer experiences (Google ranks your site based on this speed also).
  8. 55% of retailers   With the holiday shopping season just behind us, 55% of  retailers recognize that the ability to compete more effectively is one of the top reasons for investing in Search. It’s important that these companies realize this before the next holidays and identify new ways to convert customers now. Especially as experts project that inflation will further mute spending.
  9. Retail peer review  – Gartner Group published a peer insight report combing through all the features and functions of Algolia in the retail space.  Algolia ranked the highest vs peers in scalability, integration and customization.  One retail company $500M-$1B   commented that Algolia has extensive documentation on deployment & integration. As a result, the basic implementation was an easy process. The more complex / advanced stages of implementation & integration have a good amount of subjectivity – and while the Algolia team was very helpful at all stages, a more detailed documentation would be useful.  Check out the full report.
  10. 17,000+ customers The stats speak for themselves, but none more perhaps than our customers. More than 17,000 businesses, large and small, across every vertical — from ecommerce to SaaS to government to media — have made Algolia their home. Their stories showed tremendous ingenuity and drive to innovate which led them to Algolia. We’ve built search & discovery for them — and maybe for you too someday soon!

Search and discovery is so much more than a search box serving up a page of results.  It’s about delivering instant gratification and helping consumers find joy in discovering something new and relevant. It’s about generating a maximum yield from any interaction in a very short time. It’s about reducing friction. When you surface the item that a person is seeking in milliseconds, you create satisfaction. And that turns into the outcome they expected and trust for your brand.

When Algolia was started ten years ago, there was a simple but challenging vision: create blazing fast, instant, and relevant search and discovery experiences. 

Want to learn more about how search & discovery can benefit your organization? Meet with some amazing Algolia experts for a live demo.

About the author
Piyush Patel

Chief Strategic Business Development Officer


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