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Algolia powers unified and transformational search and discovery experiences to boost conversions through all major ecommerce platforms.

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Harry Rosen saw an 18% increase in average over value

Acquisition to conversion: Stand out by standing up best-in-class B2C ecommerce experiences

Declining traffic, even lower engagement and cart conversion? Hyper-personalization with AI-led optimizations surface exactly what your shoppers are looking for including longtail searches. Provide unbeatable relevancy, capture and convert instantly.

Increase conversions with ecommerce search personalization

Algolia logoI need a new tee-shirt|personalization: ON


119 results (in 8ms)

  • V-neck tshirt for man

    V-neck tshirt for man


  • Long sleeves teeshirt

    Long sleeves teeshirt


  • Round neck man t-shirt

    Round neck man t-shirt


  • Long sleeves teeshirt

    Long sleeves teeshirt


  • Round neck woman t-shirt

    Round neck woman t-shirt


  • White tshirt for woman

    White tshirt for woman


  • Long sleeves teeshirt

    Long sleeves teeshirt


  • Long sleeves teeshirt

    Long sleeves teeshirt


  • Long sleeves teeshirt for woman

    Long sleeves teeshirt for woman


  • Tank top for woman

    Tank top for woman


  • Round neck teeshirt

    Round neck teeshirt


  • Teeshirt for woman

    Teeshirt for woman



Lacoste had 150% sales contribution from search

Prevent wasteful overheads. Drive efficiencies. Boost margins

Stagnant inventory? We make it move. Surface products instantly available, closest to the buyer with geo-based results. Activate real-time promotions and recommendations to accelerate checkouts. Make it ridiculously easy for shoppers to add more to their cart every time.

The next disruption is already here:
Unleash the power of data and AI

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    Buy Online, Pickup In-Store

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    Buy Online Return In-Store

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    Research Online, Purchase Offline

Consumers want a seamless omnichannel experience. Powered by AI, Algolia empowers you with data-driven strategies, to future proof your business so you can meet any expectation, anywhere.

How co-op uses data driven strategies

Improvise the impromptu: Merchandise on-the-go

You are like a pilot in flight with dozens of decisions to make in real time. Imagine you had a single cockpit to manage it all in one place. Algolia’s Merchandising Studio makes a merchandisers’ day less stressful by automating a number of workflows. Product and content display, promotions, pricing adjustments, inventory management, and a myriad of interdependencies between them, all from one single location.

Merchandising Studio

Best practices you can use: Customer success

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We chose Algolia because its APIs are super-easy to work with and very well documented. Also, our goal is very scalable; Black Friday last year we had 450,000 concurrent users on side during the busiest period. Having somebody that can scale up with us is really, really important. And we like how Algolia innovates. We’re always getting new features.

Ben Pusey

Former Software Product Owner

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At, we believe in delivering a modern experience that puts the customer first. Search is core to delivering the experience that customers expect. And, since adopting Algolia as our search platform, we’ve seen that customers searching on our website tend to convert three times more than those who don’t.

David Lerner

Head of Digital Product

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Algolia is a critical part of the navigation experience on Lacoste platforms globally. Not only does it provide the stellar user experience Lacoste is known for, but it more than doubled our global sales.

Global User Experience Manager

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After implementing search personalization, Decathlon’s team saw a 36% increase in click-through rate and 50% increase in conversion rate.

Richard Migette

E-commerce Project Leader @Decathlon Singapore

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Platform overview

B2C ecommerce FAQs

  • Being API first, Algolia is compatible with any ecommerce platform. In addition, Algolia has native integrations with Salesforce Commerce CloudMagento and Shopify

  • You can start using Algolia for ecommerce site search for free, and Algolia’s general pricing applies.

  • Yes, Algolia can index any kind of content (blog posts, FAQ articles, Help Desk pages, …) and make them searchable through your ecommerce site search.

  • Algolia Recommend works seamlessly with Algolia Search by taking advantage of its proprietary and industry-leading indexing capabilities. Using Algolia Recommend, online merchants can automatically show their shoppers products that complement and refine their current selection. This solution will help maximize conversions and catalog exposure for online vendors with collaborative and content filtering recommendations. 

  • Algolia works with a variety of partners in various geographies that have deep experience in ecommerce and that have accompanied many retailers in creating and improving great ecommerce site search experiences. Contact us to know more.