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Decoding the buzz around phygital (hybrid) shopping experiences

Our experts will be at Shoptalk, illuminating ways to create winning retail experiences across online and real-world touchpoints. Stop by Algolia’s booth (#10018).

ShopTalk's floor plan showing Algolia's booth location

With the Shoptalk US conference, March 27-30 in Las Vegas, being a seminal event in retail, you can expect it to shape key conversations for the industry. One of the buzziest topics that we’ll be exploring and clarifying at the Algolia booth (#10018) is how to elevate your site with hybrid shopping experiences that convert users like a dream.

Personalizing shopping experiences across physical and digital realms 

2022 is shaping up to be a year of immense growth possibilities for the retail industry. However, of the 900 decision-makers surveyed in our most recent online commerce trends survey, only 20% said that they were prepared to offer personalized digital shopping experiences that meet today’s UX expectations. Being able to address this gap has placed this small fraction of retailers at a critical advantage over their competitors. 

Added to that, the last two years have been very challenging for the online retail industry, on multiple levels. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, online retailers saw a significant uptick in the migration of customers to online shopping. Following that, supply chain issues and shortages put significant pressure on retail margins as well as on the ability for businesses to service customers quickly and profitably. 

Being ready with a true, evolving phygital (or hybrid) experience that provides the same conversation opportunities with customers, be it in-store, online, and back again, can help retailers mitigate the impact of these challenges. Being truly phygital, can help retailers compete effectively against online behemoths like Amazon and Alibaba as well as helping smaller niche retailers to maintain and grow their market share.

Discover how to fast-track your hybrid experience at Algolia’s Booth

At Algolia’s Shoptalk booth, our search experts will delve into trends, case studies, and learnings that we’ve gathered from our retail customers, some of those include Walgreens, Gymshark,,  Lacoste, and Under Armour.

algolia partner event mach alliance drinksAlgolia is a global leader in creating personalized, powerful ecommerce search and discovery experiences, and is trusted by over 11,000 customers around the world. Powered by Algolia’s headless, API-first approach and technology, leading retailers like Lacoste and Gymshark have experienced stellar growth such as a 62% increase in mobile conversions and a 150% increase in order rate with new users on Black Friday, respectively, since partnering with Algolia.  

At Shoptalk, our experts will walk you through how we empower your business team to control their merchandising strategy with AI-powered capabilities that drive growth across retail touchpoints, covering: 

  • Dynamic re-ranking of your products based on advanced analytics through consumer behavior
  • Visual editing to customize your interface and serve both your shoppers’ expectations and business requirements
  • Personalization of the user experience 

Algolia partner event MACHtail Mixer

Algolia provides a powerful search and discovery experience from the get-go with robust functionality such as speed, search as you type, and textual relevance. Our solution can work with any tech stack and is designed to minimize time and effort in development. All of these great features have made Algolia the 2nd largest search engine after Google, generating more than 30 billion requests per week. 


“For a retailer like us with more than 25,000 products in our catalog, a solution that improves each of our users’ experiences along their search journey adds tremendous value. Combined with a total control of the personalization algorithm, and total transparency on its impact via a real-time simulator and search A/B testing, Algolia’s built-in personalization represents a real step forward in the digital era for Decathlon Singapore” –  Richard Migette, E-commerce Project Leader at Decathlon Singapore


Book your meeting with us at Shoptalk today (Booth #10018)


Not coming to Shoptalk US in Las Vegas? 

You can still get a personalized demo of Algolia’s solutions and/or let our search experts audit your site’s search for free and provide you their recommendations.

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