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Top 6 tips for delivering a next-level Search and Discovery experience

Jan 31st 2022 product

Top 6 tips for delivering a next-level Search and Discovery experience

Today’s online consumers have sophisticated tastes. Complacency is not your friend when it comes to anticipating the digital experiences they expect. So, even if you’ve built a great foundation with Algolia – delivering ease and relevance – you can add even more value. We develop solutions, scout trends, and explore novel use cases to help our clients lead, not lag, the pack. And we’re excited to keep sharing what we uncover with you. 

To get started, explore how these six insights can help you maximize the value you get from Algolia. Then get inspiration from fellow Algolia clients who are driving success across various industries.

1. Deliver results they want, and more

We estimate that ecommerce companies can increase conversion 30% by providing an exceptional user experience. If your site does not deliver, visitors will be likely to bounce and take their business elsewhere. 

So how do you make sure your site is delivering? Check out these 7 examples of great site search UI and consider what you can optimize. 

2. It’s (totally) personal

According to Instapage, 74% of customers find it frustrating when content has not been personalized for them. And a huge majority of consumers are “more likely to shop with brands that recognize, remember, and provide them with relevant offers and recommendations,” says Accenture. 

Decathlon Singapore understands the importance of this: after implementing our Personalization feature, they saw a 50% increase in their conversion rate. Learn how to personalize your site experience for users and gain inspiration from various companies on how they’re utilizing personalization.

3. Let the data fill in the blanks

Your customers aren’t always going to articulate their needs neatly in chat, exit surveys, or interviews, so quickly and accurately interpreting signals from their digital behavior is key. Never overlook what they’re looking for or insights gathered from how they search on your site. 

From a technical point of view, search analytics, along with click and conversion tracking, can help you think more objectively about how to structure your product data and configure your ranking and relevance. They can also lead you to use more-advanced API settings to improve your users’ search experiences.

For business teams, Analytics can help you understand and ensure that your users are able to find what they’re searching for. Check out this master class on how you can use Algolia Analytics to improve relevance and serve better content.

4. With great (AI) power comes great responsibility

AI-powered recommendations have become an integral part of successful retail and media experiences. However, to provide quality consumer-grade search that drives measurable business results, companies need a comprehensive approach to AI. That’s no easy feat, so we’ve built a family of AI algorithms that solve the most important problems of search. 

After retailer Staples Canada harnessed the power of AI with Algolia, they saw a double-digit increase in conversion, and now 65% of their issues are automatically resolved through building synonyms. Learn how they did it and watch this webinar on how our AI capabilities fuel conversions

5. Highly recommended

You know that delightful feeling you get when you recommend something that is well received by the person? That’s the feeling we want you to have with your customers.  A personalized recommender system that suggests items relevant to people makes them more likely to buy items they find attractive. 

With Algolia Recommend, Gymshark saw a 150% increase in order rate with new users on Black Friday, all while successfully handling extreme site traffic. See how Algolia Recommend can be implemented with as few as six lines of code:

6. Get more out of Algolia search

If you’ve  chosen Algolia for your Search and Discovery solution, we want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your investment. Expand on the search experience you’ve built with Algolia and maximize your ROI with these 7 ways to get more out of Algolia search

Ready to further level up your search experience? Reach out to your account representative or contact us today.

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