Increase sales in your store with personalized shopping search

Your users want an intuitive shopping experience. Algolia enables ecommerce leaders to create a personalized site search experience that shoppers will love.

Birchbox leverages Algolia to power millions of searches across its web & mobile apps

Algolia allows us to provide our users with lightning-fast, typo-tolerant search no matter where they are.

Martin Balas - CTO Birchbox France

The most popular digital brands rely on Algolia

Filters & facets

Give shoppers the tools they need to drill down & find the product that’s just right for them.


Run successful marketing campaigns by promoting the right products.


Create beautiful dropdown or autocomplete as-you-type search experiences with our UX tools.

Scale the human touch
with personalization

You know your users best - give them personalized results that reflect their purchase history, preferences & demographics, without compromising on speed or reliability.

Dashboard: real insights you can act on

Algolia’s search dashboard & analytics API give you the data and insights you need to understand what shoppers seek, where you’re losing them, and how to keep them.

Keep customers engaged on the go

Algolia Offline provides mobile (iOS & Android) app developers with the building blocks they need to keep the search experience even when the network goes down. You’ll never lose another shopper to a connectivity hiccup.

Become an ecommerce search expert

Get insights from the industry’s leading ecommerce players in our video & learn how to build the ultimate shopping search engine.