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Build personalized Search & Discovery experiences for B2B Ecommerce

Index your catalog, put it in motion for your buyers. Increase conversion.

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Transform your website to be your best sales rep.

Build an efficient path to purchase for your B2B buyers with search and navigation that helps users find their catalog’s products fast or research your offering effectively.

Clint Fischerström,Head of E-commerce


The speed of Algolia is really one of the things we like the most, along with the Dashboard… And also, we get the help we need to make decisions on things really important to us.

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According to McKinsey & Company, suppliers providing outstanding digital experiences to their buyers are more than twice as likely to be chosen as a primary supplier than those providing poor experiences

Anders Jensen,Manager of Digital & Marketing Operations


With Algolia, we have more flexibility...We don’t need a big outside IT department; it’s pretty easy to work with.

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Create a self-serve experience for your B2B buyers

As a B2B Manufacturer or Distributor, you likely have thousands of SKUs, very complex catalog and entitlement policies. Meanwhile your buyers are increasingly expecting a ‘B2C’ experience where they autonomously shop and your site ‘knows’ them.
Algolia search and navigation has you covered, giving you access to the same personalisation technologies that are powering many of the world’s largest retailers,  while keeping implementation and time to market fast.

Algolia Search

What Algolia Search can do for you

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    Fast to Implement illustration
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  • Fast to Adapt

    Algolia makes relevance transparent and easy for business users to control how search results rank, thus minimizing engineering costs. Put items with the highest margin or conversion at the top.

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  • Fast to Results

    From increased development agility to unmatched speed and AI capabilities, Algolia dramatically reduces your time to market, while creating delightful discovery experiences for your buyers.

Benefit from a globally distributed platform


Scalable & reliable

No downtime, let Algolia handle your products and experience thanks to its future-proof infrastructure.


Performance at all levels

Make your users benefit from a fast search and discovery experience and near real-time pricing and inventory updates.

Global markets

Extend to all your markets

Algolia’s worldwide distributed infrastructure and API approach makes it easy to replicate your experience in new markets.

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