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Description of Algolia Essential Support offerings

Last Updated: June 3rd, 2021

Essential support Free Standard Premium
Documentation Yes Yes Yes
Community Forum Yes Yes Yes
API Status Updates Yes Yes Yes
Email and Web Support No Yes* Yes*
Account and Billing Inquiries Yes Yes Yes

This description of Algolia's support services applies to customers who subscribe to the listed plans on or after the date of last update. The changes are not retroactive. If you are an existing customer as of that date, a description of your support service may be found below.

Hours of Availability
Algolia Support is available Monday - Friday during standard business hours (9:00 AM - 5:00 PM local time), excluding local holidays.

*Email and Web Support Includes

  • Incident Support - Identifying and troubleshooting problems using the Algolia APIs
  • Identifying and creating bug reports for Algolia APIs, Web Dashboard, API clients, front-end libraries and our extensions and integrations
  • Troubleshooting upgrades for Algolia API clients, front-end libraries and our extensions and integrations
  • Assistance with Algolia Services related questions; including relevancy, search or indexing guidance
  • Assistance with interpretation of Documentation

*Email and Web Support Does Not Include

  • Beta, end of life cycle of Services including end of life of third party platforms
  • Customized versions of Algolia’s API client, front-end libraries, extensions and integrations (customized = original code has been modified)
  • General implementation guidance, development questions or requests
    • For community-based development support, please post these questions on Algolia Discourse
  • Third-party plugins (other than our own)
  • Product training
  • Support in languages other than English
  • Professional Services, which is addressed in accordance with its terms.

Professional Services Available (Contact Sales)

Additional Services Available (Contact Sales)

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